List of Useful Electronics Links on the Web


Basic Electronics Sites

Electronics 2000 - Information for electronics enthusiasts. Includes technical data, calculator, software downloads, beginners gude and more! provides for Electronics and Technology Basics Learning: Basic Electronics subjects, Electronics Companies, latest Electronics News, Application Notes, Dictionaries, Tutorials, Reference Links, Circuits and Datasheets.

Circuit Exchange International - Electronic and Radio schematics, Design, Theory, Circuit Analysis.

Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius - Learn Electronics, Beginning Electronics,  Hands On Electronics, Learn Analog Electronics, Learn Digital Electronics, Electronics Tutorial, Learn by Doing, Understand Electronics, Home School Science, High School Electronics, Electronics at Night School, High School Credit.

A lot of circuits, projects, data sheets collections, cool links and ... a Japanese classroom.

Basic Electronic Tutorials delivers a series of free, comprehensive, and detailed  tutorials of the basic fundamentals of electricity and electronics authored by Tony Kuphaldt.


Basic Electricity Sites is dedicated to the spread of electrical knowledge and expertise.


Basic Electronics Tutorials

Lessons In Electric Circuits - an excellent written electronics tutorial on the web: wonderful materials, powerful explanations, an innovative approach to teaching electronics.

Basic Car Audio Electronics - a great site about audio electronics in the car. I recommend this site to anyone who loves cars, audio and electronics.

Transistors ... The purpose of this page is to explain the transistor ...

Interactive Multimedia Electronics Tutorials

Spicy VOLTsim - integrated framework of editor, simulator & 3D-visualizer of analog circuits. I highly recommend this excellent resource to you!

Electronic Circuit Theory - an excellent very attractive multimedia site.

... Accompany Professor Owlbert on an animated journey through ten lessons that span the content of an entire Electronic Circuit Engineering class - from Ohm's Law to semiconductors ... Grade Range: 9-12.

Practical Electronics Tutorials

From schematic to Veroboard   - How to construct a circuit on veroboard by reading the schematic.

Reading Schematic ... Learning to read a schematic diagram, is similar to map reading ...

Schematic Symbols - Contains diagram showing passive components, resistors, capacitors and inductors etc.


Electronics Sites

Solar Orbit - Dozens of electronic hobby projects, cool links...

delabs has around 200 electronic circuits in pdf format or images. Covers various aspects of electronics and basics of circuit design.

David Bridgen's electronics page - contains a lot of interesting electronic circuits and projects...

Electronics Base - A Valuable Electronics Directory and Information Resource.

Electronics Circuits on Website - electronic circuit & schematics collection resource for hobbyist, engineers, students, R&D engineer, design theory...

Electronics Project Design - Practical electronics project schematics, parts list, component descriptions, product testing and other references for electronics hobbyist and electronics designer.


Sites Containing Electronics Links - thousands of links in the area of electronics, circuits, forums, downloads.

Electronics Lab - free electronic projects, schematics, diagramms, pcb, free electronic software and hobbilist electronics resources, electronic community and much more.


Electronics Magazines

Elektor Electronics - The publication for all professionals and hobbyists actively engaged in electronics and computer technology.



Circuitry Parts is world’s largest online PCB schematic and footprint library with support for multiple EDA tools such as Protel DXP and PCAD ASCII.


Various Links - The online largest web directory of electronic, computer, digital and more.

RFID Toys contains step by step guides to building various RFID based projects. Electronic Tutorials, Electronic Project Kits, Robotics Guide for Students, Amateur and Professionals. Computer Architecture and Digital Circuits.

Last updated, October 11, 2007