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We may find related interesting problems in Physics 123 electronics course taught by Tom Hayes at Harvard University. Tom Hayes is an author of Student Manual for the Art of Electronics - a student version of the famous The Art of Electronics. positive feedback :)
I think Lessons In Electric Circuits maintained by Tony Kuphaldt (Bellingham Technical College, Washington) is the best written electronics tutorial for students on the web (if you know another let me know). Here we may find wonderful materials, powerful explanations, an innovative approach to teaching electronics ... I highly recommend this site to you.
Browsing also Topical worksheets from his great project of Socratic electronics; you may find a great number of interesting questions. positive feedback :)

by Colin Mitchell, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia

Colin Mitchell is a pioneer in web based electronics presentation. Three years ago he provided, with great enthusiasm, an interactive site for the largest paper magazine in the USA - POPTRONICS - thus founding the famous Poptronics Interactive Edition. I have also had the chance to join his project. Now, Colin Mitchell continues implementing his concepts on talkingelectronics.com. Here is a sample from Page 1 of his Basic Electronics Course.

Let's see also the more practical basic electronics course of Basic Car Audio Electronics maintained by Perry Babin. This course shows many applications in the cars. I highly recommend this site to enyone who loves electronics, cars and audio. positive feedback :)
by Glen Williamson
by Rod Nave, Georgia State University

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