Inventing Circuits on the Whiteboard...

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Welcome to Inventing Circuits on the Whiteboard!

Evolving my teaching philosophy I have finally realised that:

In order to make students think creatively, we teachers have to reveal circuit evolution. For this purpose, we have to reinvent circuits according to the basic ideas, on which they are grounded on.

Here, we will put into practice this inventive approach as follows. In the beginning, we derive the simplest possible circuit building blocks. For this purpose, we first assign consecutively the basic electrical attributes in the elementary Ohm's circuit as an input and output; then, we combine the elementary blocks derived into more complicated compound blocks. Only, a problem arises in the imperfect passive circuits; so, we begin trying to find a remedy. We look around for analogies where a similar phenomenon appears; then, we generalize them into a basic principle and a functional block diagram.

Then, according to the general idea, we build initially a "man-controlled" electrical circuit and explore it step-by-step. Finally, we replace the "man-controlled" active components with real ones (transistors, op-amps etc.) thus getting a classical electronic circuit.

I have started this part of Circuit Stories on the Whiteboard especially for you - inventors, creatively thinking students and teachers. It is also intended for all those who do not feel happy with traditional dull presentations of circuit phenomena.

Relying mainly on my intuition and imagination I will show circuit evolution on my favorite whiteboard in a way that you have never seen before! Reinventing circuits, you would be able to really understand and build any (even completely new) electronic circuit! It sounds wonderful, isn't it? Then let's begin!


Passive Converters

Passive voltage-to-current converter

Passive current-to-voltage converter

Op-Amp Converters

Op-amp inverting voltage-to-current converter

Op-amp inverting current-to-voltage converter * NEW *

Transimpedance amplifier (current-to-voltage converter)

How do we create a virtual ground?

Constant Current Sources

How do we invent constant current source?


Various op-amp circuits

Current biased bridge


Negative Resistance

How do We Create Dynamic Resistance?

How do We Make Decreased, Zero and Negative Differential Resistance?

How do We Make Decreased, Zero and Negative Resistance?

Negative Impedance Converter (NIC) (under construction)

How to Compensate Resistive Losses by Series Connected Negative Resistor

How to Compensate Resistive Losses by Parallel Connected Negative Resistor