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Collection of Circuit Building Blocks

Class 1: Elementary Passive Circuits with Current Output (10 blocks).

indivisible building blocks sources/loads voltage source current load
converters voltage-to-current converter resistance-to-current converter
compound building blocks current sources voltage-controlled current source resistance-controlled current source 
measuring devices voltmeter non-linear ohmmeter 
multi-input devices voltage-over-resistance divider series voltage summer

Class 2: Elementary Passive Circuits with Voltage Output (10 blocks), so far 20 blocks "invented".

indivisible building blocks sources/loads current source voltage load
converters current-to-voltage converter resistance-to-voltage converter
compound building blocks voltage sources current-controlled voltage source resistance-controlled voltage source 
measuring devices ammeter linear ohmmeter 
multi-input devices current-by-resistance multiplier parallel current summer

Class 3: Compound Passive Circuits with Voltage Output (8 blocks), so far 28 blocks "invented".

single-input devices (converters) voltage-to-voltage displacement-to-voltage
resistance-to-voltage (direct) resistance-to-voltage (reversed)
multi-input devices (various) ratio-by-voltage multiplier parallel voltage summer
parallel voltage subtractor (comprator) bridged circuit

Class 4: Passive Integrators and Differentiators (8), so far 36 blocks "invented".

KINDS integrators differentiators
capacitive C integrator I > V

RC integrator V > V

C differentiator V > I

CR differentiator V > V

inductive L integrator V > I

LR integrator V > V

Class 5: Diode Circuits (10), so far 46 blocks "invented".

KINDS parallel series
limiters positive negative both positive negative both
stabilizers parallel voltage stabilizer potential shifting circuits
functional devices logarithmic converters antilogarithmic converters

Class 6: Transistor Circuits without Feedback (6), so far 52 blocks "invented".

KINDS with transistor grounded with floating transistor
amplifiers series parallel series parallel
current sources current source current sink

Class 7: Transistor Circuits with Negative Feedback (7), so far 59 blocks "invented".

Followers emitter follower emitter follower disturbed

Transistor amplifiers (deliberately disturbed followers) with NFB, controlled from the:
base emitter both base and emitter
common emitter stage common base stage differential amplifier

Transistor amplifiers with NFB and dynamic load
amlifier with dynamic load amlifier with dynamic load controlled

Class 8: Op-amp Amplifiers with Negative Feedback (9), so far 68 blocks "invented".

Op-amp followers
follower (non-inverting amplifier with K = 1) invertor (inverting amplifier with K = -1)

Op-amp disturbed followers
proportional disturbed followers additive disturbed followers
with series NFB with parallel NFB with series NFB with parallel NFB
followers invertors followers invertors

Op-amp amplifiers with negative feedback
with series NFB with parallel NFB with mixed NFB
non-inverting amplifier inverting amplifier differential amplifier

Class 9 : Op-amp Converters with Parallel Negative Feedback (22), so far 90 blocks "invented"..

Op-amp Resistive Circuits with Current Output
voltage-to-current converter resistance-to-current converter
voltage controlled current source resistance controlled current source
voltage/resistance divider

Op-amp Resistive Circuits with Voltage Output
current-to-voltage converter resistance-to-voltage converter
current x resistance multiplier

Op-amp Compound Circuits with Voltage Input and Output
inverting voltage divider inverting voltage summer

Op-amp Reactive Circuits with Voltage/Current Output
KINDS integrators  differentiators 
I output L integrator V > I C differentiator V > I
V output C integrator I > V

Op-amp Reactive Circuits with Voltage Input and Output
KINDS integrators differentiators
capacitive  RC integrator V > V RL differentiator V > V
inductive  LR integrator V > V

Op-amp Diode Circuits with Voltage Input and Output
limiters  parallel series
functional logarithmators


Class 11: Components and Sub-systems for Analog-Digital Signal Processing (?? blocks), so far ?? blocks "invented".

Last updated October 24, 2004

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